Music of my Life

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

His Arms

I start to write
Not worried about time
My entire being
It echos in my mind
The philotes of my being
All that I have seen
It starts to fade away
I fall
And fall
Into his arms

I have searched
But have not found
My sacrificial head
Remains uncrowned
The thorns upon my head
They cut and bleed
The path to martyrdom
Is a twisted one indeed
So just fall
And fall
Into his arms

All I want is legacy
Last beyond my years
This is not prophecy
Of everlasting tears

The greeks say life
Was born of Chaos
Thought can destroy
Destruction is mayhem
And mayhem is Chaos
This swap is not fiction
Deliver us from reality
What a contradiction
That destruction equals life

It's easier to fall
And from the womb
To start to crawl
Into the tomb
And just fall
Into his arms
And fall
Into his arms

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